!!!Why Do People Blog!!!

share.jpgNow a days blogs and websites became a part of our life.Because of blogs our life became easy and comfortable by gaining info from it.Now a days many people use blogs for different reasons.In olden days authors used to share their knowledge/thoughts/etc..  using using paper and pen.But now time has been changed.People use keyboard and computer screen instead of pen and paper respectively.

There are so many number of bloggers in the world who share their knowledge in the form of blog posts.Have you ever thought why they share their posts on the internet??

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How To Create BLOG For Free Using Blogspot

Having the blog is really a good thing and if you are brilliant then it’s really helpful because you can earn money easily.

Here i have given you some of the basic things what i have done to create blogspot account.

You need domain name that you can purchase from BLUEHOST/Godaddy  or you can get a free sub domain name with xyz.blogspot.com extension.

The blogspot allows you to create a FREE BLOG with some limitation.But for beginners its a best way to learn about blogging and online money making using AdSense.


Before starting complete tutorial i would like to tell you that Blogger is powered by google and it’s UI(user interface) isn’t so good.If you are interested in making a lot of money then its better for you to go for wordpress  blog.In blogspot you won’t be getting good template.But if you are good in HTML and CSS then fine Continue reading “How To Create BLOG For Free Using Blogspot”